Kind Attention to All DDPU's
4th Feb 2012 Submission of Consolidated Budget - 2012-13 of Grant In Aid Colleges
31st Jan 2012 Additional Budget Requirements for Grant in Aid Colleges towords salary upto Feb 2012
24th Jan 2012 Submission of Exam 2011 Squad Bill details
13th Jan 2012 Fee Reimbursement for Girls Students of Govt PU Colleges
11th Jan 2012 Circular to Furnish Details on Ifrastructure
03rd Jan 2012 Job Chart of Asst. Directors posted to Districts 
29th Dec 2011 Release of Salary Grants to Grant-In-Aid Colleges
29th Dec 2011 Release of R I D F Grants 2 (Dec 28)  
28th Dec 2011 Financial Details to be submitted on Dec 30  
27th Dec 2011 Instruction for Submiting proposals for filling up of vacancies in Grant-In-Aid Colleges 
21st Dec 2011 To Furnish details about Guest Lecturers & RIDF 
20th Dec 2011 To Furnish Grant In Aid details  
20th Dec 2011 To Furnish Recognition Details  
19th Dec 2011 To Furnish details of Staff in Grant In Aid Colleges
19th Dec 2011 To Furnish TA bill details of Squad Members
15th Dec 2011 DDPU's & Principals of GPU college - Updation of service particulars in HRMS
12th Dec 2011 To Co-operate & provide required information for F-KARE
09th Dec 2011 HRMS updation - Appendix B D.O Letter
05th Dec 2011 Guest Lecturers Honorarium-Corrigendum on ED 176 DGD 2011
03rd Dec 2011 Recognition Inspection,Duties & Workshop for DDPU's
02nd Dec 2011 DDPU's Availing leave & leaving HQ unauthorisedly
28th Nov 2011 Action to be taken to Improve in learning of students in Govt PU colleges