Admission Guidelines 2015-16 :

01.Circular Regarding Distribution of I PUC Admission Application Forms
02.For Kind Attention of PU Students- Textbooks
03.Admission Announcement For I Year PU 2015-16
04.Admission Guidelines 2015-16
05.Ist PUC Admission Guidelines 2015-16
06.IInd PUC Admission Guidelines 2015-16
07.Application For PUC Admission 2015-16
08.Application For Change Of College
09.Application For Change of Combination
10.Application For Change of Subjects
11.Application For Eligiblity Certificate
12.Application For Migration Certificate
13.Application For Language Exemption
14.Fee Structure For PUC Admission 2015-16
15.List of Treasuries and Sub Treasuries & Sub Treasuries in the State for Remittance of Fee
16.Corrigendum for Ist PU Admission Guidelines
17.Special Admission Permission for IGCSE Students for Ist PUC
18.Circular Regarding Prevention of Sexual Harrassment/Rape and Physical Abuse Targeting Students Studying in Colleges of the State
19.Implementing Group Insurance Scheme for PUC Students of Aided & Unaided PU Colleges
20.Circular Regarding Extension of Date for IInd PUC Admission
21.Circular Regarding Extension of Date for Ist PUC Admission
22.Circular Regarding Extension of Date for Change Of College
23.Circular Regarding Circular Regarading Teaching Hours